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BC French Press Plunger Olive Wood 3cup 800ml

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BC French Press Olive Wood 3cup 800ml

The french press device is well known for its ability to extract full-bodied coffee and its flavours. The BC French Press Olive Wood has added its own twist on it by designing a french press with the highest quality heat-proof, borosilicate glass and olive wood lid for comfort and style. it's glassware stays shiny for a lifetime, as long as you keep it clean and look after it.

The olive wood finish looks incredible in any space and adds to the visual experience of french press brewing.

This French Press brews the rich and balanced french press coffee we all know and love by allowing the coffee oils and a small amount of micro-grounds to pass through the double-construction stainless steel filter. This filter produces a rich and full-bodied cup without allowing large coffee grounds into your final mug.

The French Press can also be used to extract delicious tea too. Simply soak the tea leaves and enjoy! Grab one of these today before they run out of stock.

We suggest using a light detergent and soft sponge when you hand wash the olive wood lid.


Product info:

Capacity: 3cup 800ml

Size:H 18.5 * 8cm

Material:Olive wood, Heatproof Glass, Stainless steel.


Key Features: 

Olive Wood Finish - A natural and beautiful desige 

Stainless Steel Filter - A double stainless steel filter to give you a full body and rich flavor without a mouthful of coffee grounds or the need to produce paper waste.

Heat resistant Glass - Built with heat proof high borosilicate glass, durable even boil it on the stove.


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