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Hello Coffee Brewing Scale 3kg 0.1kg Rechargeable

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Model: Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Hello Rechargeable Coffee Brewing Scale 0.1kg 3kg

Unlike most of the scales in the market, which is powered by non - recycled AAA Batteries. With our hello scale, you don't have to worry about to change your battery time to time, it has built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery, just easily plug in for an hour and will last for weeks. 

This is a perfect coffee scale to start your coffee journey, it has everything you need for making coffee.

The rechargeable battery, you don't have to worry changing the battery time to time, fully charged can last for a long time.


Product info:

Materials: Body ABS resin, LED screen, silicone pad
Power  supply: 200mAh Lithium battery( rechargeable ) 
Measures: Gram, Oz, ML, Time
Weight Capacity: 3,000g
Dimensions:  W130 × D180 × H25mm


What's in the box:

Hello Coffee Brewing Scale
USB - Type C Charging Cable
Silicone pad
User Manual


Product overview:

This Hello coffee scale comes rechargeable Lithium battery and it offers you full control over the amount of ingredients you use, enabling you to make coffee that is consistently delicious and precisely brewed. Without a scale, you’re left guessing about how much coffee or water to use, but this Hello coffee scale puts those doubts and inconsistencies to rest.

The scale can read in 0.1 increments, fast response and precision makes the scale suitable for manual coffee brewing methods, as well as espresso.


Product features:

The built-in timer is easily started and stopped, giving you another tool to brew your coffee with consistency and precision. 
The rechargeable Lithium battery allow you to use the same battery all the time without wasting any other battery.
Auto Shut-off after 3 minutes of inactivity to preserve power.
This scales are very simple to use, large enough to accommodate brewers of all sizes. 
The body is made from a durable ABS resin that’s water resistant and visually striking. 


If you like delicious coffee brewed your way, you’ll love the Hello coffee dosing Scale.


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