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BC Coffee Cupping Bowl Cup

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Colour: Brown
Quantity: A set of 6


BC Coffee Cupping Bowl Cup SCA Standard

These cups are designed to make blind tasting easier with  thick porcelain walls, it also has 2 measure lines inside the cup, makes it a lot easier for you to precisely pour the amount of water into the cup without guessing. 

The 220ml cup is great for tasting small amounts of various filter coffees, though it also works as an elegant espresso demitasse. The 207ml size is the ideal coffee cupping size used by professional tasters around the world, though it also makes for a great smaller coffee cup. 

Each Cup is built with milk-white porcelain. The thicker walls help preserve the temperature of the coffee within and the tapered lip makes taking small, controlled sips quick and easy. The handleless design allows the cups to stack and store efficiently.


Product Info:

Materials: Porcelain
Capacity: 220ml



Measure Line Design - Precisely pour the right amount of water into the cup without guessing
Elegant, Durable Porcelain — Smooth to hold, classic, and built with thicker walls to prolong a steady temperature.
Handleless Design — Looks professional, allows the cups to stack perfectly, and is versatile around the cafe.


This product includes:

  • 6 x Coffee Cupping Bowl 


Or you can buy a single Cupping Cup on your choice. 


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