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MHW Coffee Press Tamper 58mm Black

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MHW Coffee Press Tamper 58mm Thread Head

------ Perfect the Extraction

It features slow rebound pressure tamping to maintain the consistent tamping pressure, adjustable tamping depth to fit into different sizes of the portafilter basket, Walnut top makes your palm feels more comfy. 


MHW Press Tamper is a fantastic solution, and the patent-pending design also reduces suction when removing the tamper so your pucks don't get dislodged or cracked. With the Palm handle, you can also precisely adjust your tamping depth, with no additional tools needed. During proper tamping, the collar of the handle will catch on the rim of the basket, which ensures a level tamp every time. If you own a coffee shop, all those features add up to better consistency between baristas, better extractions, and less arm strain from contorted movements - that's a big win.

Ergonomics is for sure the most notable difference when you compare the MHW Press Tamper to any other tamper on the market. The handless form of the MHW Tamper was developed in order to move away from the angle wrist and clenched fist operation of other tampers and opted for a unique flat surface design that allows you to apply pressure with an open palm, keeping the rest of your body in an upright and neutral position. This was tested by Ergonomics experts and shown to reduce the risk of injury and proved a significant reduction in the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) to your wrists, shoulders and back compared to using a traditional tamper.


Product Info:

Materials: SUS304 Stainless Steel Base, Aluminium Body, Walnut Top
Size: 58.35mm (CNC machined Precision)
Tamping Depth: 4 - 12 mm(Hand adjustable)
Width: 68mm
Height: 67mm
Weight: 525g


Features : 

Consistent Pressure - Maintains consistent tamping pressure for every single tamp. 

Walnut Top - Comfy your palm with every tamp for Baristas. 

Improved Ergonomics – Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (A.K.A “Barista wrist”)

Non-stick Coating – Coated with an ultra non-stick, incredibly hard coating. 

58.35mm Tamper Base – CNC machined to a precise 58.35mm diameter, ensuring a perfectly snug fit for most ‘58mm’ baskets including VST, IMS and more

Thread Tamping Head - Resulted in more even extraction

Easy to Adjust Controlled Depth – Easy to ajust the depty without using any tool by twisting the top to reach your desirable depty.Tamp to exactly the same depth every-time to maintain consistency between baristas.

Slow Rebound, Low Friction – Ultra-low friction base coating prevents coffee grounds from sticking to it after tamping.

Anti -Vacuum Base – Anti-vacuum groove, which eliminates suction when removing the tamper 


What's in the box: 

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