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MHW Dual Coffee Distributor & Tamper 58mm

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Size: 58mm


MHW Dual Coffee Distributor & Tamper thread base 

The distributor and tamper are height-adjustable and have a locking collar to ensure that you don’t go beyond the height that you set. The Advanced Thread Base Tamper resulted in more even extraction, which has been used in the WCC in recent days. 


MHW 58 mm Distributor-Tamper Thread Base

This MHW 58mm Dual distributor-tamper  does the job of two while taking up just a workspace for one. the distributor and tamper has an adjustable height.


Product info:

Size: 58mm
Coffee Distributor & Tamper
Weight : 564g


Feature : 

Compact - This 2-in-1 tool takes up little space on your workbench. Even so, it has a nice weight that makes it a pleasure to handle.

Height-adjustable - The distributors are height-adjustable to accommodate different doses and coffee types.

Locking collar - A locking collar on the distributor end keeps you from going beyond your intended height setting.

Advanced Thread Base Tamper - More even extraction

Anti - slip Body - prevent you from dropping the tamper 


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