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Glass Coffee Server Acacia Wood

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Size: 01 ( 300ml )


Glass Coffee Server Acacia Wood 300ml and 500ml

Enjoy your coffee at your own pace with the heat-retaining Glass Coffee Server with Acacia Wood Lid . The server is designed to work with pour over brewers or Aeropress, it’s the perfect size for any pour over cone.

The server is built with heatproof glass. It’s heat resistant, extraordinarily durable, and crystal clear. Measurement markings are attached to the sides to let you know how much you’ve brewed or consumed.

A special pouring spout allows you to pour your coffee with easy. No spills or splashes necessary. This smooth pouring is also a result of the Acacia wood lid, which also holds in heat.

This Glass server comes in two sizes to meet the needs of any kitchen or coffee habit: 300ml and 500ml.


Product info:

Size: 01 ( 300ml )  &  02 ( 500ml) 
Material : Acacia wood, Glass



Acacia Wood Lid - Natural and beatiful design, keeps your coffee hot, helps you pour smoothly

300ml and 500ml Capacity -  two sizes to choose to match any coffee needs.

Heatproof Glass - It's Glass is crystal clear, heat resistant, durable, and features measurement markings.

Heat-Retaining Server - Built to keep your coffee hot while you enjoy it at whatever pace you desire.


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