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BC Rebound Coffee Tamper Black 58mm

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BC Rebound Coffee Tamper Black

Great for Professional Baristas - Once you taste tamped espresso from your own coffee maker, you'll forget about your local coffee shop and fall in love with hand-brewed coffee. This is the highest quality tamper to date. With this tamper, the coffee get consistent distribution and pressure every time, eliminating the key variables in making espresso and achieving even extraction, it will be your go-to espresso best accessory


Consistent Concentric Ring Coffee Surface - This calibrated tamper provides over 30 lbs of optimal mashing power. By using this espresso tamper, you will get a flat concentric ring pattern in your portafilter. Numerous tests have shown that a concentric ring ground espresso coffee surface obtained at 30 Ib strength produces a better quality espresso, and the consistency of 30 Ibs of pressure will bring a great tasting coffee experience to you.


Product info:

Size: 58mm

Material: The shell is aluminum alloy,and the base is 304 stainless steel


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